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Gum Disease Prevention in Syosset

Syosset Periodontal Scaling & Root Planing

Gum disease prevention in Syosset

Gum disease prevention in Syosset

In order to take good care of your overall health, you need to think of the dental aspect of it all. Taking care of your dental wellbeing means more than just caring for your teeth – you will need to take good care of your gums on a regular basis as well. Gum disease is dangerous and can put your whole dental health in jeopardy. If you are in need of gum disease prevention in Syosset or if you are in need of any gum disease treatment, then our periodontist Warren Baine, DMD can provide you with just the sort of care that you are looking for.

The health of your gums and the health of your teeth are intrinsically linked, meaning that if one is in poor health it can affect the wellbeing of the other. Gum disease is an important thing to be mindful of, especially since it can lead to some substantial consequences. If gum disease is left untreated and becomes increasingly worse, you may experience gum recession, the formation of pockets along the gum line, and you may also experience significant tissue loss, tooth loss and bone loss as well. Early stages gum disease is also known as gingivitis and it is extremely easy to treat, as long as you know what it is and when to seek the professional help of a periodontist. When it comes to gum disease prevention in Syosset, it helps to visit your dentist on a regular basis but you should also be able to know when exactly you may need to schedule an appointment. If you have gingivitis treated early, you can prevent further damage, but you may still need the help of our periodontist Warren Baine, DMD. For gingivitis, several teeth cleanings will be needed along with any medications or alterations to your at-home oral hygiene regiment. More severe gum disease will require periodontal scaling and root planing, however. This is a more intensive sort of dental cleaning and you may need several of them, including the aid of antibiotics or oral surgery, in order to rectify the issue completely.

If you want to have good overall dental health, you should really take gum disease prevention in Syosset seriously. If you need any dental work done or believe that you can benefit from periodontal scaling and root planing, then call our periodontist, Warren Baine, DMD and schedule an appointment today.

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