Periodontal therapy in Muttontown

Periodontal Therapy in Muttontown

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If your gums are sore and you’re spitting blood into the sink almost every day, you might want to get that taken care of. Because those are usually symptoms of a condition you don’t want to ignore. Something you need to take the fight to. And what condition is that? Periodontitis. Visit Warren Baine today and see our specialist about periodontal therapy in Muttontown.

Not a lot of people are familiar with periodontitis. So let’s cover the basics, shall we? At the source of most gum issues is the presence of plaque and tartar. And, despite how diligent you think you are with your oral hygiene routine, food residue can still slip through the cracks—especially if you have crowded teeth. That’s what makes professional cleanings so important. Going there ensures that left over plaque gets shredded to pieces, allowing your gums a chance to breathe. Plaque that stays behind, untouched, eventually turns into tartar—this signals the start of problems down the road. The presence of tartar provides a feeding ground for bacteria. As it gathers, bacteria attacks gums, resulting in recession. As gum disease progresses, bone loss kicks in which destabilizes the teeth. And when that happens, chances of dental loss drastically surges. Some folks are more susceptible than others to developing gum disease. So, no matter what you do, things just happen anyway. But if they do, don’t fret. Visit Warren Baine for first-rate periodontal therapy in Muttontown.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance. Take the fight to periodontitis. Dawdle in uncertainty no longer. Making that first major step is all you need to do. Pick up the phone and phone Warren Baine to schedule an appointment. It won’t be long before you get those gums back in tip-top shape—courtesy of periodontal therapy in Muttontown.

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