Muttontown root planing and scaling

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Root planing in Muttontown

Gums starting to feel more sensitive than a sunburn after falling asleep on the beach? Hopefully it isn’t that bad. But even slight tenderness and sensitivity should be a sufficient reason to keep the radar on and alert. What is it a possible sign of? Likely some stage of gum disease. If it has advanced past that point, it could be severe. In which case, don’t hesitate to visit Warren Baine for first-rate root planning in Muttontown. 

Root planing in Muttontown

What’s complicated about gum disease is that you don’t always know it’s there. Especially during the early stages. That’s why it’s known as the silent killer. Even though you may not feel discomfort early on, there are visual cues that can be informative. Make it a habit of regularly looking at gums, keeping an eye out for redness and inflammation. Regular dental cleanings and a committed at-home oral hygiene routine should be more than enough to reverse it. However, gum disease that has progressed to Periodontitis is not curable. But it can be kept under control through periodontal scaling and root planing. Two fancy words that basically mean “a more in-depth cleaning”. Plaque and tartar eventually become lodged within the deep gum pockets, far away from your floss. Scaling is a cleaning procedure that goes beneath the gum line and eradicates the particles which are feasting on your gums and dental bone. If it’s been determined that you need this procedure, look no further than Warren Baines location. You’ll wonder why you didn’t visit him for root planing in Muttontown.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance any longer. Get yourself behind the wheel and steer clear of dangerous roads. The first major step toward keeping that smile intact involves nothing more than contacting Warren Baines. Schedule an appointment with us for root planing in Muttontown.