Root planing in Muttontown

Root Planing in Muttontown

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Root planing and scaling in Muttontown

Root planing in Muttontown
Root planing in Muttontown

Periodontal disease is progressive. If left untreated, it gets worse over time and it will eventually result in tooth loss. Early diagnosis and treatment of gum disease is the key to prevent it from progressing. Periodontal scaling root planing in Muttontown is a periodontal procedure that is commonly done by a professional periodontist like Warren C. Baine, DMD in the early stages of periodontal disease for this purpose.

Scaling and root planing in Muttontown is a non-surgical procedure to treat periodontal disease. The main purpose of this non-surgical procedure is to remove all agents that cause gingival inflammation and disease, such as dental tartar and plaque. During the procedure, a qualified periodontist like Dr. Baine thoroughly cleans between the gums and teeth all the way down to the roots. The procedure is typically performed to treat gingivitis and can be used to treat moderate to severe periodontal disease. During scaling, the periodontist removes the plaque from the tooth by scraping the tartar from above and below the gum line. Planing involves removing rough spots where germs gather, which helps remove the bacteria that contributes to the disease. Periodontal disease must be dealt with as soon as possible so it doesn’t progress. If you’re looking for a highly skilled periodontist to treat you, you’ve found him. Our expert Dr. Baine is a very experienced, outstanding dentist who specializes in periodontics and implantology. When you come to our office, you’ll receive the exceptional dental care you need and deserve in a warm, caring, friendly environment. We’re fully equipped to handle all your periodontal and implantology care needs. Our services include: pocket reduction surgery, bone grafts and guided tissue regeneration, sinus augmentation, dental implants, crown lengthening, antibiotic treatment and gum grafting.

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