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Astoria periodontist

Astoria periodontist

At the offices of Warren Baine, DMD, our Astoria periodontist specializes in all different types of periodontics. Located in Jericho, Long Island, we have been serving the area with excellent dentistry for many years. Our staff are trained to answer questions and address each patient’s needs. Our offices are friendly and inviting, so that each patient can feel at ease and at home while they’re here.

Our Astoria periodontist uses only the latest in dental technology and equipment to serve you and to provide you and your family with the most accurate test results. In maintaining teeth, we find the best way is to make a clear and well-rounded analysis of the patient’s mouth and teeth, as well as situation, before providing them with answers and a treatment plan. This may include non-invasive or non-surgical procedures, or we may suggest a surgical procedure that will work better for you. Some of our services that utilize a surgical procedure include dental implants, which can replace missing teeth in a short amount of time. Implants use one surgical procedure to place the implant, before a healing period of 2 to 3 months is given, and then a crown placed over the spot. Our Astoria periodontist can counsel patients who wish to know more on the benefits of implants.

Other procedures that our Astoria periodontist handles are scalings and root planings, which are done in the face of severe periodontal disease. Gum disease is a prevalent problem in many Americans, due to excessive plaque and tartar buildup. It can also be hereditary. Sometimes periodontal surgery is required. We can diagnose, treat and help push back severe gum disease with a variety of procedures and cleanings that help to alleviate the swelling and pain caused by periodontitis. We also offer patients advanced periodontal procedures such as pocket reduction surgery, sinus and ridge augmentation, dental implant placements and crown lengthening.

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