Dental surgery in Jericho

Dental Surgery in Jericho

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Gum grafting in Jericho

Dental surgery in Jericho
Dental surgery in Jericho

Maintaining a healthy smile is already a tall task for most folks. It only gets tougher if you’re also trying to wage the good fight against gum disease. If you’re already experiencing some of the symptoms, don’t worry. There are ways to reverse the damages. Like gum grafting. Speak with Warren Baine about dental surgery in Jericho. And get your smile back to the way it was.

It’s no secret that this disease has a nasty, quiet way of slowly attacking gum tissue, shrinking it in the process. One bit at a time. How does it develop? Basically, life-long struggle stems from the extended presence of plaque & tartar which develop from leftover food particles. The ones that neither brush nor floss was able to properly reach. Which is why visiting a dentist regularly for cleanings is so important. There professionals can use their skills, expertise, and tools to eradicate any residual food particles, drastically lowering the chances of buildup. On the other hand, avoiding these cleanings means the toxic, bacteria-filled composition of tartar attacks, irritates, and ultimately shrinks gums over time. Increasing the chances of teeth destabilizing and falling out. Why put yourself through all of that hassle needlessly? Especially if you can simply visit a dentist who can get that smile taken care of. With that said, if the damage is already done, gum grafting is an excellent way of reversing the effects of the disease by replacing lost gum tissue with new ones. Visit Warren Baine today. This first-rate periodontist will treat you to top-notch dental surgery in Jericho.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so—and you will, too. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call Warren Baine Or shoot an e-mail. Then our staff will promptly help schedule an appointment for dental surgery in Jericho.

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