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Gum Disease Treatment Syosset

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Stages of gum disease in Syosset

Gum disease treatment Syosset
Gum disease treatment Syosset

Gum disease can be mildly irritating or can be severe enough to put your teeth in jeopardy, making them loose and at risk of falling out. As gum disease progresses through three stages, there are opportunities to address it and reverse its effects. At the office of Warren Baine, DMD, our gum disease treatment in Syosset is designed to meet your needs depending on the stage of gum disease you are experiencing.

Dental plaque, the bacterial film that grows on and between teeth, is the reason why gum disease forms to begin with. Along with its hardened form, tartar, your gums can redden and cause irritation, which is the first stage of gingivitis. Our gum disease treatment in Syosset is a teeth cleaning at that point. Yes, it’s the same teeth cleaning you get when you come in for a twice-yearly dental checkup. Sometimes it may take a second cleaning to be thorough, but the effects of gingivitis will be reversed, and gum disease will not continue to worsen. The second stage is moderate periodontitis. You will probably notice symptoms such as receding gums, bleeding when you brush, and maybe persistent bad breath. Our gum disease treatment in Syosset will then be scaling and root planing, essentially a deeper type of teeth cleaning that gets down to your roots. It is also one possible way to treat the final stage, chronic periodontitis. But since you may end up with erosion of gum and bone tissue, loose teeth, and possible tooth loss, it may take more complex methods, including possible gum surgery, to fully correct it.

The good news is that if you commit to a dental checkup and teeth cleaning every six months, there is little chance that gum disease will make it past gingivitis. Schedule an appointment at our gum disease treatment in Syosset office right now.

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