Jericho periodontist

Jericho Periodontist

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Periodontist office in Jericho

Jericho periodontist
Jericho periodontist

If you are looking for an expert periodontist who can take care of your gums, or provide you with dental implants, you will want to come to our expert periodontal practice, Warren Baine, DMD. Dr. Warren C. Baine has been practicing periodontics in our Jericho community from more than 25 years. He is well known for his compassionate and gentle care, as well as for his calming demeanor and expertise in his field. If you are looking for a Jericho periodontist who will be able to provide you with periodontal treatments to help keep your gums healthy, you will be very happy with the treatment and care that you get at our periodontal practice.

It is very important that gums stay healthy in order for you to have excellent oral health, and even excellent all-around health. This is because if a patient has gum disease they may end up with an infection that spreads through the bloodstream to other parts of their body. Gum infection has even been associated with heart problems and high blood pressure. For these reasons alone you will want to make sure that your gums stay healthy. At our practice our Jericho periodontist will be able to provide you with periodontal treatments to help keep your gums healthy. Scaling and root planing is a periodontal treatment that will help reduce the pockets that have formed between the teeth and gums. In these pockets form they become filled with tartar, plaque, bacteria, and food debris. This causes the gums to become irritated and infection forms. This infection will damage the gums and can eventually damage the jawbone. When this happens, teeth will begin to loosen and will even fall out if the gum disease is not treated.

When gum disease is found in the early stages, it is called gingivitis. At this point there has been no permanent damage to the gums, and a regular dental cleaning will be all that is needed to get your gums back on the road to good health. However, in cases of mild to moderate gum disease, and bone loss has occurred, our Jericho periodontist can provide you with a scaling and root planing treatment to help get your gums healthy once more. If this treatment is not fully successful our dentist may need to provide gum surgery, or other gum treatments. Scaling and root planing treatments can be used as a maintenance treatment to keep the gums healthy. Our periodontal maintenance includes anti-bacterial irrigation and desensitizing treatments. Our periodontist can also perform pocket reduction surgery which will help the dentist gain access to the roots of the teeth to remove any bacteria and tartar.

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