Jericho tooth extraction

Jericho Tooth Extraction

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Prevent gum disease in Jericho

Jericho tooth extraction
Jericho tooth extraction

Gum disease is a serious condition that afflicts many Americans each year. At the offices of Warren Baine, DMD, we treat gum disease and other oral conditions in a state of the art office with the latest in technology and equipment. We know how crucial it is to reverse gum disease when it starts to help stop the progression of the receding gums from further deteriorating. Gum disease can form when bacteria and plaque form tartar on the teeth and in the gums, creating disease in the pockets between the teeth and the gum. Most cases of gum disease are mild, known as gingivitis, but it can progress to a worse stage, known as periodontitis. Gum disease can lead to teeth falling out and possibly a Jericho tooth extraction.

Gum disease can be pushed back with periodontal scaling and root planing procedures. Gingivitis inflames the gum tissue and bone around it, so the scaling and planing get in deeper than regular brushing can to remove plaque and tartar. This is a very effective therapy for those who suffer from gingivitis and moderate or severe gum disease. The therapy is used for both preventive as well as general treatment for gum disease. It can help to prevent the oral bacteria from traveling further into the bloodstream, to protect the teeth from tooth loss, which can lead to a Jericho tooth extraction, and to remove stains that can be found on the teeth due to the tartar and plaque buildup. Gum disease can affect the breath and cause a persistent bad odor inside the mouth that regular cleanings can take care of.

The scaling and root planing procedure is performed with special tools such as an ultrasonic scaling tool. The tool removes plaque and calculus from the surface of the crown and inside the root. It also irrigates below the gums to deliver antimicrobial agents under the gums to reduce any bacteria that has formed. Root planing procedures help to combat the need for Jericho tooth extraction by removing the cementum and dentin that can be embedded with microorganisms and toxins. After each procedure, we may administer antibiotics to soothe any irritation.

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