Syosset dental implants

Syosset Dental Implants

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Replace missing teeth in Syosset

Syosset dental implants
Syosset dental implants

When you lose a tooth, or several teeth, it creates some definite challenges. The most obvious is the effect on your smile due to the empty space where teeth used to be. But there are other practical considerations. If they are back teeth, chewing can be more difficult and your ability to digest properly could be affected. And the other teeth on the jaw where you have missing teeth can start to shift. This might lead to discomfort and could throw your occlusion (bite) into misalignment. For all of these reasons, you need a restoration to replace a missing tooth. And our Syosset dental implants represent the most beneficial of the options available today.

For a long time, the two most common methods to replace missing teeth were bridges and dentures. Both of those still exist today, and for a very good reason: they work. But the fact is that they have drawbacks, too. And those drawbacks are not part of our Syosset dental implants. For example, a fixed bridge requires that the tooth on either side has to be drilled down so that caps can be put on them to help anchor the bridge and keep it stable. Implants leave your other teeth unaffected. Partial dentures are removable, held in with clasps to the neighboring teeth, and at the gum line with dental adhesive. But that can be messy and also unreliable. Dentures may slide when you chew or speak, leaving you less than fully confident. An implant won’t move at all. It’s as steady as your natural teeth are.

There are two steps to getting our Syosset dental implants. First, a titanium post is surgically placed in your jaw bone, which will grow around it over the next few months. Eventually, your jaw fuses with the post, and it becomes as strong as your former tooth root (dentures and bridges are only surface restorations, with no anchor beneath the gums). The second step is a tooth-colored crown that is put on top and cemented in place. You will then have a new tooth that looks, feels, and functions just like a real one does.

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