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Cosmetic tissue grafting in Syosset

Syosset periodontist
Syosset periodontist

Have you been told that you will benefit from cosmetic tissue grafting for your gums? If so you are probably looking for an expert periodontist who can provide this services for you. If you are looking for a top-notch Syosset periodontist who performs cosmetic tissue grafting on a regular basis, you will do no better than to come see us at our office, Warren Baine, DMD.

At our practice our expert Syosset periodontist is Dr. Warren C. Baine. He has been practicing periodontics in Jericho for over 25 years. Our practice is known for providing care with compassion and a gentle touch. Patients enjoy coming to our office which is warm and welcoming. Our entire practice is limited to periodontics and dental implantology. Our dentist is trained in the latest periodontal techniques, and our office has the very best state-of-the-art equipment to help ensure a great patient care and comfort. One of the more common services we provide for our patients is cosmetic soft tissue grafting.

Gum grafting may be needed when the gums recede in some areas. Gum grafting can be used not only to make your gums healthier but also to appear more attractive. If there is minor gum recession there may be no treatment needed in order to protect the tooth. However, in certain cases when the recession is more extensive your teeth will lose their first line of protection against bacteria. Your smile will also not look as attractive because receding gums are not particularly attractive. Receding gums can also be caused by improper brushing. So it it is important to make sure that when you brush your teeth you use the appropriate tooth brush and tooth brushing method. When gum recession occurs there can often be root sensitivity to hot and cold foods as well. Also when gum recession begins it can cause a reaction of worsening recession that will eventually expose the tooth root to the surface. This can cause a variety of dental health problems for your teeth. Gum tissue grafting will be able to solve all of these problems, both cosmetic and practical. Our Syosset periodontist will be able to take a thin piece of tissue from the roof of the mouth, or moved tissue over from an adjacent area, to provide a stable gum replacement. The resulting graft will thoroughly heal and work to protect the roots of the tooth, as well as to improve the look of any unattractive receding gums. For more information regarding cosmetic tissue grafting or tissue grafting to help ensure the good health of your teeth, contact our periodontal practice today.

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