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Sinus & Ridge Augmentation


Jericho Long Island Oral Surgeon
Jericho Long Island Oral Surgeon

When considering cosmetic dentistry procedures including dental implants, your preliminary professional examination may reveal reasons why you may not immediately receive your desired service including physical limitations. However, this seemingly insurmountable hurdle is not necessarily a reason to believe you are not a candidate for the service, but rather that you may need to receive additional treatment prior to your dental implant. One of the most common reasons Warren Baine, DMD, your premier Jericho Long Island oral surgeon may perform a sinus and ridge augmentation is to improve the structure needed to hold a dental implant in place. Since dental implants require healthy bone as their anchor, if the sinus wall is thin a sinus lift graft or sinus graft may be required.

During your initial office visit with Warren Baine, DMD, your premier Jericho Long Island oral surgeon, the exact details of your sinus and ridge augmentation procedure will be thoroughly explained. As an overall guide, your periodontist will typically enter the sinus from the area within the mouth where your upper teeth are missing. Next, the sinus membrane is raised to allow for the placement of donor bone into the floor of the sinus. Finally, the graft will allow patients who may otherwise be forced to utilizing partial dentures rather than dental implants for their tooth replacement. During your consultation, the caring and compassionate professional team in Dr. Baine’s office will encourage you to ask as many questions as you may need until you fully understand and feel comfortable regarding your sinus and ridge augmentation.

Upon completion of your sinus and ridge augmentation by leading Jericho Long Island oral surgeon, Warren Baine, DMD, we will advise you of any specific healing requirements as well as follow up care instructions or limitations. The first step is to schedule your initial examination with consultation to ensure you need or will benefit from this procedure. Our friendly and knowledgeable professional team members will be able to set up your appointment as well as answer many of your commonly asked new patient questions ranging from accepting insurance providers to additional services we offer.


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