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Cosmetic Tissue Grafting in Jericho

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Cosmetic Tissue Grafting in Jericho
Cosmetic Tissue Grafting in Jericho

The path of periodontal or gum disease can progress so far that your gums or gingiva may recede and if this occurs you lose a natural defense against trauma as well as bacterial penetration and further complications. Following an appointment which will include not only a thorough examination, but an in-depth consultation with Warren Baine, DMD, a course of treatment for your condition may include cosmetic tissue grafting in Jericho. Receiving this service may be vital for you to maintain and keep your natural teeth.

While the details of a cosmetic tissue grafting in Jericho by Warren Baine, DMD will be reviewed during your office visit, the information provided here is offered strictly as an overview. When you gums recede beyond the point in which modifying home care practices can serve as treatment, it is likely that you are experiencing pain due to sensitivity to hold and cold foods. Additionally, the gum and tooth is not esthetically pleasing. The condition can worsen until the tooth’s root surface is exposed which can lead to further root damage. A cosmetic tissue grafting can be the answer. Typically, tissue from the roof of the mouth or the tissue near the area being treated is moved over. This thin piece of tissue will serve as a stable band around the tooth and positioned to cover the root.

Patients will be advised regarding specific home care and restrictions following their cosmetic tissue grafting in Jericho in our office by Warren Baine, DMD. It is quite common to maintain a soft food diet for a day or two, but we will review your specific needs in our office. Once you are fully healed, we recommend continued regular appointments with your general dentist. To begin the process, please contact our personable and knowledgeable staff to not only schedule your convenient appointment, but to address any questions or concerns you may have as a new patient including obtaining additional information regarding the other periodontal and implant services we provide, confirming our participating insurance providers and accepted forms of payment. We look forward to meeting with you and determining the best course of treatment for your particular periodontal concerns.

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