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11753 Gum Disease Therapy

Our Glen Head periodontist office, Warren Baine, DMD, is a highly specialized practice dedicated to excellence in periodontics and dental implantology. Dr. Baine and his staff have been caring for patients for over a quarter of a century. We are proud to be a part of the Glen Head community. We specialize in periodontal scaling and root planing, anti-bacterial irrigation, and de-sensitizing treatments. Anti-bacterial irrigation will aid in the reduction of harmful bacterial in the mouth, while de-sensitizing will help strengthen the tooth surface in order to minimize the pain and discomfort that comes with tooth sensitivity, a problem common in periodontally involved patients.

Treatment for gum disease always depends on the severity of the disease itself. We always evaluate each patient in order to determine his or her needs and discover the appropriate treatment method. When gum disease has progressed to the more advanced stages, where their is loss of bone occurs, scaling and root planing become possible treatment options. As a part of the scaling and root planning treatment, our Glen Head periodontist will also perform anti-bacterial and de-sensitizing treatment.

11753 Periodontics
11753 Periodontics

The purpose of scaling and root planing is to remote the dental plaque and tartar that has taken hold of the gums and caused bone loss. The reason our Glen Head periodontist uses scaling and planing is to make sure that the gums stop pulling away from the teeth. We clean between the gums and the teeth all the way down to the roots, the goal is to make sure that the bacteria is gone and the gum disease stops from progressing. If good oral hygiene is practiced after this procedure, it is reasonable to expect the gums to tighten up against the teeth and return to their healthy pink color.

Gum disease is a serious problem. If left untreated the affects of gum disease can cause health problems that can reach beyond the mouth. Warren Baine, DMD is dedicated to your oral health, so if you are experiencing gum pain or tooth sensitivity of any kind, don’t hesitate to come see us at our local Glen Head periodontist office.

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